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Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Join Us for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Annual film fest ON DEMAND though November 5, 2021. Tickets On Sale Now!

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is a collection of inspirational and visually-stunning films from the annual festival in Nevada City, CA which is now in its 19th year! Wild & Scenic focuses on films which speak to the environmental concerns and celebrations of our planet. Nine films from the on-the-road virtual tour, hosted by the Ausable River Association, are now available on-demand through November 5, 2021. Ticket revenue and festival proceeds are used to fundraise and increase awareness and support of the Ausable River Association's mission. The Ausable River Association is a local, science-based, nonprofit organization that helps the Ausable River watershed communities protect our streams and lakes. Purchase tickets for this year's virtual Wild & Scenic Film Festival below!

Purchase Tickets Here!

Tickets: $25 for General Admission, $45 for Household Admission, $15 for Student Admission (email for discount code)

2021 Films & Directors/Writers

  • In Your Hands, Brandon Moore et al.
  • A Northern Light, Tony Czech
  • A Fisher's Right to Know, John Haley
  • Puri, Dani Casado
  • A Mother's Love, Lena Georgas
  • Common Ground, Michelle Alvarado
  • Feathers In Flight: The Bird Genoscape Project, Neil Losin
  • Farmscape Ecology, Jon Bowermaster
  • Land without Evil, Katalin Egely

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a virtual film festival?
  • This means that, when you purchase tickets, you receive directions about how to watch the live film program on your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV. 
  • How long will the film fest last?
  • There are nine films being shown back-to-back, with a 10-minute intermission in the middle. The whole program will last approximately two hours.
  • Can I still watch the films if I can't attend on October 29th for the live event?
  • Yes! By purchasing a ticket, you will have access to the entire film program until November 5, 2021, so you can watch the festival at your convenience. The only aspect that will change with this on-demand version is that you will not be able to interact with staff and audience members via the live chat. 
  • How many people can watch with the household ticket?
  • Technically, as many as you can comfortably fit into your home viewing location. Since this event is partially a fundraiser, we hope that friends and family outside of your household group will purchase separate tickets.
  • How will you use film fest proceeds?
  • All ticket proceeds will be used for our ongoing programs, such as water quality monitoring, river restoration projects, and our Salt Use Reduction Initiative.
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