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The Ausable River connects our communities and, much like the mountains and valleys it helped to create over millennia, defines the places you live, work, play in, and love.

Give back to the river and to your community.

Support the local organization that protects, monitors, and restores the river in partnership with our river communities – the Ausable River Association (AsRA).

Membership Levels

All members receive Voice of the River, an AsRA logo sticker, and an invitation to our annual Friendraiser event.

  • Member - $35 – basic membership helps provide the general support that ensures our day-to-day operations.
  • Contributing Member - $100 – membership at this level keeps AsRA's science, stewardship, and survey programs on the river to collect and share information.
  • Sustaining Member - $350 – sustaining members help us restore significant river reaches, replace culverts, maintain reliable monitoring equipment, and give us the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and urgent needs.

The Headwaters Council

Individuals or households with annual contributions of $1,000 or greater safeguard the continuity of our programs. In return, they receive annual opportunities to tour and explore the watershed and visit favorite sites with AsRA staff, board members, and expert advisors. Headwaters Council members ensure a future for AsRA.

AsRA relies on the support of people who care about the river, love its natural beauty, its clean waters, the wildlife and lush plant life it supports, and the vibrant communities that call it home.

Join us as we protect our river and our communities.

Membership Level
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