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Ausable Freshwater Center

Say hello to the Ausable Freshwater Center!

For 25 years we've served the Ausable watershed—restoring streams, protecting native wildlife and their habitats, and safeguarding water quality. With your support we've grown from an all-volunteer organization with a tiny budget to a staff of 10 full-time professionals dedicated to making a difference for our communities. We live in the places we protect. We partner with others to ensure efficiency. And we're independent, with no larger organization to lean on.

We've got case you haven't heard.

We're taking our skills and the models we've built and tested in the Ausable, applying them in other watersheds, and proving their value. We're creating freshwater solutions for Adirondack communities beyond the Ausable. To mark these expanded efforts, we're beginning our next 25 years with a new name.

Say hello to the Ausable Freshwater Center.

Our new name celebrates our growth and commitment to our core values. We're Adirondack-wide, but our home and laboratory for exploration is still the Ausable watershed. We're committed to being a hub—a center for innovation in freshwater science and stewardship. Our staff does the fieldwork that unlocks knowledge of how freshwater systems work and applies it to real-world challenges. We share our technical skills to help Adirondack communities, municipalities, peer nonprofits, landowners, and residents protect and restore their watersheds efficiently. We open people's eyes to the complexity of healthy freshwater systems and how to live respectfully with them.

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Our website will evolve during this transition, but you can click the link below to explore more of our work.



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