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View from the top of cascade mountain


Description: Cascade is one of the forty-six high peaks and is often the first mountain people climb on their journey to become a 46er as it is one of the most accessible High Peaks. The summit is often crowded on weekends, but you will find fewer people on weekdays, especially if you start early. The summit offers 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. Take care on the open summit to only walk on solid rock surfaces and sta y off the vegetation and bare soil to protect the fragile plants found on the summit. Many people also combine this hike with Phelps, which will add 1.4 miles to the total trip distance.

A new, more sustainable trail up Cascade Mountain is currently being built. Once the new trail up Cascade is opened, the current trail will be closed and the Cascade trailhead will be moved from route 73 to the Mt. Van Hoevenberg Sports Complex . As of the fall of 2022, the completion date for the new trail is unknown.

  • Summit Elevation: 4,098 feet
  • Total Distance: 4.4 miles
  • Maximum elevation gain/loss: 1,940 feet
  • Trail difficulty: Moderate
  • Parking coordinates: 44.218940, -73.887634

Photo: Eric Adsit

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