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Sampling Mirror Lake


The Ausable River Association (AsRA) works broadly to protect the Ausable River for its ecological value and its value to the human communities that care for and enjoy its many benefits. We organize our work into three broad program areas:

  • Identify and Understand Watershed Resources - AsRA supports and implements science, data collection, and information sharing projects. Our goal is to understand and document current problems and measure the effectiveness of solutions to manage, protect, and restore the Ausable River watershed;
  • Conserve and Steward Watershed Resources - AsRA works to create an ethic of river stewardship - a sense of common purpose and shared goals for protecting the river among private landowners, residents, business owners, municipalities, and others;
  • Restore the Ausable River - AsRA integrates natural stream restoration planning and techniques into public storm response, infrastructure development, road maintenance, and private projects that will improve the ecology, morphology and hydrology of the river.

Collaborative Approach

AsRA works in partnership with landowners, municipalities, other non-profits, and government agencies. We foster collaboration and information sharing for the benefit of the Ausable River among organizations, universities, government agencies, local businesses, and individuals who care about the river.

Our mission — is to help communities protect our streams and lakes.
The Ausable River is a river on the edge.
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