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Our Mission, Vision, Goals

Since 1998, the Ausable River Association (AsRA) has been working cooperatively with landowners, municipalities, and government agencies to conserve the valued resources of the Ausable watershed. We provide scientific expertise, engage stakeholders in responsible river stewardship, and foster collaboration and information sharing among organizations, universities, government agencies, local businesses, and individuals who care about the Ausable River. AsRA identifies and implements balanced conservation solutions that emphasize the importance of a healthy Ausable River for sustainable and resilient watershed communities.


AsRA identifies, conserves, and restores the Ausable River watershed's natural and recreational resources for their ecological value and for the benefit of human communities.


We envision an Ausable River valley where a resilient river ecosystem, rich with native flora and fauna, supports a vibrant sustainable economy and is cherished and protected by a diverse community of residents and visitors.


I: Identify and Understand Watershed Resources

Foster sound science, data collection, and information sharing focused on the Ausable River and its watershed. Understand and document current problems and measure the effectiveness of solutions to better manage, protect, and restore the Ausable River watershed.

II: Conserve and Steward Watershed Resources

Create an ethic of river stewardship - a sense of common purpose and shared goals for protecting the river among private landowners, residents, business owners, municipalities, and others.

III: Restore the Ausable River

Integrate natural stream restoration techniques into public storm response, infrastructure development, road maintenance, and private projects that will affect the ecology, morphology and hydrology of the river.

IV: Work Cooperatively in Watershed Communities

Work cooperatively with landowners, municipalities, and government agencies. Foster collaboration and information sharing for the benefit of the river among organizations, universities, government agencies, local businesses, and individuals who care about the Ausable River.

V: Manage AsRA

Develop, maintain, and adapt when needed the leadership, financial, administrative, and organizational structure of AsRA to best facilitate pursuit of our organizational mission and goals.

    • Meet or exceed best practice standards in administration, accounting, employment, board leadership, and general organizational procedures for small non-profits.
    • Ensure AsRA has sufficient and consistent funds from a diversity of sources to allow strategic growth.
    • Communicate AsRA's mission and achievements to increase name/brand recognition and strengthen our reputation for effective river conservation, fiscal reliability, and a collaborative approach in the Adirondacks and the Lake Champlain Basin.
    • Become a hub for information on the Ausable River and a resource for other river efforts in the northeastern US.
    • Offer AsRA's staff targeted opportunities for professional growth.
    • Apply strategic planning to assess, adapt and reframe AsRA's mission, goals, and programs as needed. 


AsRA is working hard to protect the Ausable River.
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The Ausable River is a river on the edge.
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