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Connecting Communities
Protecting the River
Mirror Lake NY Livestream
Mirror Lake Livestream

View a livestream of Mirror Lake. Sponsored by the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.

Rome Dam After Dam Removal

After years of effort, the 125-year-old dam on the lower West Branch Ausable River has been demolished.

Our mission — is to help communities protect our streams and lakes.
Caring for the Ausable
Caring for the Ausable
A practical guide for making a difference at home and at work
Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake is the most threatened lake in the Ausable watershed
AsRA Apparel
AsRA Apparel
Purchase Ausable River Association apparel with original designs highlighting features of the Ausable River watershed.
Stories of the Ausable
2018 Annual Report Summary
Read a recap of AsRA's work and accomplishments in 2018.
Connectivity for Stream Health
How do we ensure the health of wild streams?Restoring connectivity by replacing or retrofitting undersized, collapsing, or deteriorated road crossings is one essential step. The 4-sided concrete structure in the "before" photo below is slightly...
What causes parallel lines of bubbles to form on lakes?
Langmuir circulation, or Langmuir spirals, causes horizontal lines of bubbles or foam to form on the surface of lakes. Under the right wind conditions, the combination of wave action and shear stress causes spiraling horizontal currents to form near the lake surface. Adjacent cells rotate counter to one another, creating alternating areas of upwelling and downwelling. Air bubbles and other debris get caught in the downwelling areas, forming long lines that run parallel to the direction of the prevailing winds.
Ausable River Association (AsRA) depends upon the generosity of people like you who love this beautiful resource to fund educational and restoration projects that focus on the Ausable River.
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