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Virtual Tour of Our River Restoration Projects

Take a virtual tour of our river restoration projects and learn more about the 15 projects we've completed over the past 14 years. 


Our work to protect Adirondack waters starts with you. 

Project Area 2 is Complete!

This project will create flood resilience and alleviate ice jams in the East Branch Ausable River.

Our mission — is to help communities protect our streams and lakes.
Caring for the Ausable
Caring for the Ausable
A practical guide for making a difference locally.
Unleash your generosity
Unleash your generosity
Our work to protect fresh water starts with you.
Explore the recreational resources of the Ausable.
Stories of the Ausable
Cold Weather Control: Knock these Invasive Plants Out this Winter!
If you're familiar with our blogs, you're probably aware of invasive species and the risks they pose to our ecosystems. These non-native plants and animals overtake niches occupied by native species and, if they are allowed to proliferate, ultimately...
Fun with Geomorphology: What Is Stream Order?
Stream order is used in hydrology and geomorphology to classify the hierarchy of a river's tributary network. Segments of streams are given a numerical value that increases as more tributaries converge downstream to create larger streams and rivers. Stream order is related to many of the natural characteristics that we observe within the Ausable watershed and across the region.  
How Do Ice Jams Form?
Ice jams form when the amount of ice moving in the river exceeds the river channel's transport capacity – its ability to move materials downstream. The process begins when cold winters create thick bank to bank ice on streams. Bank spanning surface ice...
Make a Difference
Our work to protect Adirondack waters starts with you. Unleash your generosity!
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