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Protecting the River
Mirror Lake NY Livestream
Mirror Lake Livestream

View a livestream of Mirror Lake. Sponsored by the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.

Sunset behind snowy mountains surrounding winter valley

News articles highlighting the ongoing threats and challenges within the Ausable River watershed, as well as work accomplished through the support of our members and donors.

Rome Dam After Dam Removal

After years of effort, the 125-year-old dam on the lower West Branch Ausable River has been demolished.

Our mission — is to help communities protect our streams and lakes.
Caring for the Ausable
Caring for the Ausable
A practical guide for making a difference at home and at work.
Business Partnership
Business Partnership
Partner with the Ausable River Association and together we can enhance the health of the watershed where we live, work, and play.
Ausable River Apparel
Ausable River Apparel
Purchase Ausable River Association apparel with original designs highlighting features of the Ausable River watershed.
Stories of the Ausable
Remembering Randy
It was the threat to water quality that really got Preston hooked on the salt issue, Scozzafava said. To Preston, the Ausable River was Wilmington's lifeblood.
Road Salt Science Is Clear, Time To Take Action
Road salt pollution is a problem we created in our own backyard; it is up to us to address it. Unlike many other environmental problems, we aren't dependent on the federal government or international partners to implement solutions.
Top Five Snowshoe Hikes in Lake Placid
In the winter months, Lake Placid is transformed into a snow sports playground. Snowshoeing is one of the more popular and easily accessible ways to experience the outdoors this time of year. Here are our picks for the five top snowshoe hikes the Lake Placid area, all of which are free, open to the public, and less than a 10-minute drive from Main Street.
Ausable River Association (AsRA) depends upon the generosity of people like you who love this beautiful resource to fund educational and restoration projects that focus on the Ausable River.
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