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Inspiring Responsible Stewardship
People canoeing and kayaking on a small lake

Join our staff and guest naturalists for outdoor education programming featuring themes of river ecology and stewardship in the Ausable River Watershed.

Mirror Lake NY Livestream
Mirror Lake Livestream

View a livestream of Mirror Lake. Sponsored by the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.

Our mission — is to help communities protect our streams and lakes.
Caring for the Ausable
Caring for the Ausable
A practical guide for making a difference at home and at work.
Business Partnership
Business Partnership
Partner with the Ausable River Association and together we can enhance the health of the watershed where we live, work, and play.
Ausable River Apparel
Ausable River Apparel
Purchase Ausable River Association apparel with original designs highlighting features of the Ausable River watershed.
Stories of the Ausable
A day in the life: American Mink
When rivers flood their banks, the water that moves into the forest and wetlands is essential to these special ecosystems. Flood waters bring nutrients, plant debris, and soil-building sediments that nourish habitats
Building a Culvert that Frees a Stream
Ever wondered what it takes to build a culvert that is flood-resilient, fish-friendly, and gives new life to a stream? The practical answer is planning, surveys, design, engineering, permitting, thoughtful construction, native materials and plants, and the engagement of stakeholders. The secret sauce, however, is in the intention....
How does hot weather affect trout fishing?
Many anglers know that when trout streams get too warm, the fishing can go south quickly. Fish either aren’t feeding or are seemingly nowhere to be found. Trout are stressed in these hot temperatures.
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