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Person holding up water sample while in a canoe on a lake

This spring, Mirror Lake completed turnover for the first time since 2020! Click the button below to learn what this means and read more!

People in the forest looking up at the trees above them

For the fourth year in a row, we are happy to offer free Guided Watershed Tours. Click the link below to learn more and sign up! 

view out over mirror lake from webcam

View a livestream of Mirror Lake. Sponsored by the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.

Our mission — is to help communities protect our streams and lakes.
Caring for the Ausable
Caring for the Ausable
A practical guide for making a difference locally.
Business Partnership
Business Partnership
Partner with the Ausable River Association and together we can enhance the health of the watershed where we live, work, and play.
Ausable River Apparel
Ausable River Apparel
Purchase Ausable River Association apparel with original designs highlighting features of the Ausable River watershed.
Stories of the Ausable
Nature’s Water Infrastructure
Nature's Water Infrastructure - A Foundation for Our CommunitiesThis September, half a dozen large yellow excavators converged on the East Branch Ausable River in Upper Jay. In five weeks, they completed the restoration of almost 2000' of the river...
The Value of Understanding Warming Waters
In the Ausable River watershed, 25 in-stream temperature loggers quietly log data year-round at 1-hour intervals. This network, established in 2015 and expanded in 2018, collects baseline data, tracks long term climate change, and helps scientists understand the effects of in-stream and riparian restoration.
Meet the River Steward!
For the 2022 summer, our River Steward, Vy, will be out and about along the West Branch of the Ausable River and attending farmer's markets and other events providing outreach and education about invasive aquatic plants and how to keep them out of our beloved waters!
Make a Difference
Support the Ausable River Association and together we can protect our streams and lakes.
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