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Kelting - Salinization of Adirondack Waters by Road Salt
Salinization of Adirondack Waters by Road Salt

Watch Dan Kelting's presentation on regional salinization due to road salt presented at the Mirror Lake Water Quality Workshop.

brook trout

Perhaps more than any other fish in the eastern U.S., native wild brook trout capture the essence of a healthy freshwater stream.

Our mission — is to identify, conserve, and restore the Ausable River watershed's natural and recreational resources for their ecological value and the benefit of human communities.
The Ausable River is a river on the edge.
AsRA is working hard to protect the Ausable River.
Explore the wonderful recreational resources of the Ausable.
Stories of the Ausable
Mirror Lake Turns Over
On our November 20th, 2017 monitoring visit, in the middle of the first major snowfall of the year, we observed that the chloride and oxygen concentrations were uniform throughout the water column. This is an indicator that the lake has mixed. This is great news for Mirror Lake.
Wetland Engineer
Beavers are perhaps best known for their engineering works: dams, lodges, and canals. These works are constructed to provide access to food and protection from predators.
Mirror Lake Sewage Leak
A recent water quality issue relating to Mirror Lake in the Village of Lake Placid highlights the importance of citizen involvement, monitoring, and partnerships with local government.
AsRA depends upon the generosity of people like you who love this beautiful resource to fund educational and restoration projects that focus on the Ausable River.
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