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Inspiring Responsible Stewardship
Person looking at a map on the summit of a mountain in winter

Why should you always bring a headlamp? Read our blog to find out!

view out over mirror lake from webcam

View a livestream of Mirror Lake. Sponsored by the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.

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Join us virutually on Friday, October 29, 2021. Click the button below to learn more and purchase tickets. 

Our mission — is to help communities protect our streams and lakes.
Caring for the Ausable
Caring for the Ausable
A practical guide for making a difference locally.
Business Partnership
Business Partnership
Partner with the Ausable River Association and together we can enhance the health of the watershed where we live, work, and play.
Ausable River Apparel
Ausable River Apparel
Purchase Ausable River Association apparel with original designs highlighting features of the Ausable River watershed.
Stories of the Ausable
Why You Should Always Bring a Headlamp
In case you didn't know, this blog is about always carrying a headlamp with you on your day trips. But maybe you already figured that out from the title....
What Controls the Amount of Water in the River?
Have you ever wondered why one river in our region has more water flowing than another river? What accounts for this difference if both rivers have been receiving similar amounts of rainfall?
What Causes Foam on Rivers?
While hiking near a stream in the Ausable watershed, I noticed a light tan foaming blob on the water's surface next to the bank. Stream foam or suds are often seen on windy days, accumulating against logs, on the banks of streams or along lake shores. This is most often a harmless natural occurrence.
Make a Difference
Support the Ausable River Association and together we can protect our streams and lakes.
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