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Ausable River Porta-Johns

Since 2011, the Ausable River Association has made porta-johns available throughout the Ausable River watershed as a convenience to residents and visitors and to help keep our rivers and lakes clean. The porta-johns are located at popular Adirondack trailheads and launches in and around the Ausable River watershed from Memorial Day Weekend to Columbus Day Weekend. This year, units are located at Marble Mountain, Hardy Road Trails, The Flume, Copperas Pond Trailhead, Monument Falls, along River Rd, a popular pull off along Route 9N in Upper Jay, and the Elk Lake Winter Trailhead.

In 2019, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation took over the management of some of our initial porta-john locations, a testament to the need for and success of this program. 

Proper Etiquette

Improper disposal of human waste pollutes the environment and creates an unpleasant experience for other people. When you get the urge, make sure you use proper poop etiquette to avoid polluting local waterbodies and creating an unsightly experience for other people. The following disposal methods are all acceptable for disposing of waste, protecting the environment, and ensuring an enjoyable experience for others.

Use A Facility - The best way to avoid the environmental and social impacts of human waste is to use a facility. The Ausable River Association organizes the placement of porta-johns throughout the watershed so that people have a proper place to poop. The map above shows the locations of these facilities.

Bury It - The goal of burying human waste is to minimize pollution of water resources, eliminate contact with insects and animals, aid decomposition, and minimize social impacts. Follow these tips to properly dispose of waste while away from toilet facilities.

  • Make sure you are at least 150' away from the nearest waterbody, trail, or road.
  • Dig a hole with a stick or trowel 6-8" deep. There are numerous techniques for getting the deed done, but eventually, you want to get your poop into the hole.
  • Pack out used toilet paper. Avoid burning toilet paper, as it rarely burns completely and can cause a wildfire.

Carry It Out - This might seem extreme but it is the best way of disposing of human waste, especially in fragile environments. A zip-lock bag can be used to safely transport your waste out of the woods. The Ausable River Association makes porta-johns available throughout the Ausable watershed as a convenience to residents and visitors and to help keep our rivers and lakes clean.

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