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Double Your Impact

The Ausable River Association relies on the support of people who care about the river, love its natural beauty, its clean waters, the wildlife and lush plant life it supports, and the vibrant communities that call it home. The gift you make today will help us transform the way we protect vital natural rivers for the betterment of our communities. 

Take the 20 for ’20 Challenge

Four generous donors have pledged a total of $20,000 to be used as a 1:1 matching challenge to help us continue and enhance our core programs as we enter 2020. 

Our goal: raise $20K more. Our deadline: January 31, 2020.

Your donation will ensure AsRA’s staff can continue to:

  • restore stream health to the Ausable River and its tributaries – building resilience and flood safety for our communities
  • monitor our waterways for pollution – finding solutions that ensure clean water for drinking and recreation
  • identify and protect key habitats – conserving safe havens for native wildlife, and
  • help people enjoy and care for our streams and lakes.

 Help AsRA rise to the challenge, donate to protect the streams and lakes you love, support AsRA with a contribution, and double your impact!

A copy of the latest annual filing for the Ausable River Association, Inc. may be obtained, upon request, from the organization (AsRA, PO Box 8, Wilmington, NY 12997) or from the New York State Office of the Attorney General, Records Access Officer, The Capitol, Albany, NY 12224 ( or by contacting 212-416-8401. You can obtain a description of the programs and activities that your contribution will support by contacting us at the above address.

If you would like to restrict your gift to a specific fund or project please choose from the options below.
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